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Biggest Takeaways from Social Media Marketing World

Updated: Apr 14, 2020

A brief overview of some of the biggest #socialmediatrends you and your business should be aware of going into the second quarter of 2020.

Well, it's official. I've finally attended my first conference as a social media professional. I decided to check out Social Media Examiner's Social Media Marketing World. Two days of back-to-back sessions about all the up and coming social media trends and networking with other folks in the industry.

It's been a few days since I got back, but I'm finally getting around to sending out some of my biggest takeaways from the conference on this here platform:

We all need to get more comfortable with #video

The biggest goal of any #socialmediaplatform is for people to stay on the platform - right? The more time the consumers spend on the platform, the more user info they can get, the more they can strategize about #targetedads and learn more about the different consumer habits. I mean that might sound a tiny bit icky to say out loud but it's real - and one great way to do that is video.

That's not it though: TV and stream watching is at an all-time high and reading is at an all time low. If you create watchable content you'll inevitably capture more attention than you would with a still image.

Don't just blindly follow trends, think and be strategic

Real talk. Just because there are so many new things coming through, doesn't mean that you NEED to do them. The more people that go and do something different, the more saturated that particular behavior will be, and arguably the less visible you might be. If you can harness the upcoming trends to create unique content that serves your audience - that's great, but if you cannot - don't give up on what you're doing. Think about what you can do to stand out and be intentional.

Less about visuals, more about audience-centric content

If you're not creating content with your audience in mind, you probably should. That means even abandoning the visual aesthetic of your content if your growth is plateauing. If you're not creating content that your audience wants to see, then what's the point? You're screaming out into the great big digital abyss for no reason.

If you spend more time and energy getting to know your audience, then you're going to create better, deeper resonating content that vibrates at their very core. Who doesn't want that? Talk about differentiation.

So to clarify:

Be strategic.

Look into video and see if it's a good fit for you - or just try it out!

Learn more about your audience.

Consider all three of these, and you'll be in the upper echelon of your #industry.

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