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The Year So Far: Insights on Social Media Marketing in 2021

It's been a moment since I could show up in this space - but I've got a good one to kick off this year.

I've spent the last six months working inside of a few larger businesses and their social media manager in addition to consulting, and that's afforded me the opportunity to test, learn and grow my skillset.

Over the last month, like many of you, I've been watching.

Seeing what actually comes to fruition (yes, I too have seen all of those doomsday like infographics circulating all over the internet).

And sure enough, as I expected, some things have transpired, and others - a lot of others - have not.

I wanted to break my blogging silence to give you three helpful tips for doing social media in 2021 - based on my experience and research.

One: Brand partnerships are a must!

One is a lonely number, and it's even lonelier in 2021. Find brands that are like minded to do collaborations, giveaways, contests, and in general hype each other. It's really really important to use the power of others to increase your reach and visibility.

No one is competing with each other these days - I know that money can seem scarce but social media is not just about dollars and cents. It's about developing customer relationships. Depending on your price point and audience it might take longer to convert, but collaborating with someone isn't going to necessarily take money away from you - it actually might put your brand in front of your target audience quicker and more organically than it would in other situations.

Two: Use all sorts of content - not just one

You'll notice that one of the biggest changes that has happened is that Reels has its own feed now.

You'll also see that your home explore page is a diverse offering of allll sorts of content. More on that later.

Instagram is slowly nudging you to break outside of your static image feed and create more organic looking content in all formats.

Reels? You gotta try 'em.

Still images? Oh yeah

Carousels? Yep!

IGTV? For sure.

Video? This one too!

Don't stress yourself out - ease yourself into all these different types of content, but I assure you, Instagram is going to reward you if you do it!

Three: User Generated Content is trending

Yeah, you heard that right - user generated content is the wave of the future.

You'll notice on my personal feed, I am trying less to create the most perfect image or video. I'm showing true moments in my life and those are messy, my hair might be askew, but you know what?

That goes with all the trends happening.

Authentic content is in, perfect curated content is out.

This also has to do with the idea of more User Generated Content.

If you have customers, make sure to get that content from them. We are finding across the board with our influencers, brand ambassadors and customers that we are getting FAR better engagement on the UGC (user generated content) than on our perfectly laid images and ideas.

There are all sorts of things that you can do to to get that content - one of which is tasking a few ambassadors with creating that content (I often do product exchanges to get the ball rolling). The more UGC you post, the more likely you are to get UGC.

Another idea: contests! I'm all about contests this year. Seriously. You should be too.

Hope this was helpful, if it is - shoot me a message or tag me in a story/post where you use some of these ideas!

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