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Tomorrow's the Day!

Alright everyone, after six months, I'm finally opening up my books for digital marketing, social media and brand consulting.

You might be asking, why now? Here's why:

Not that. That's just some lovely woods aesthetic. Now here's why.

A lot of things are changing in 2021. A lot of people have come to me frustrated, confused and angry about everything that's happening to their social media and digital marketing channels.

While I have been trying my best to keep updating my social media channels with free advice, feedback and insights, unfortunately there's only so far that goes.

So, I organized my schedule so I could take on a few clients throughout the week, in a very limited capacity.

My books open tomorrow for the next two months, and then I will close them when I get to capacity.

Thank you so much for your time, and I'm really excited for us to potentially work together!

- Steph

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