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COVID-19 for Small Businesses & Creatives: Ways to Keep Going During Difficult Times

Updated: Apr 14, 2020

Helpful tips for small businesses and creatives to deal with everything happening in contemporary times.

COVID-19 has essentially destroyed a lot of income streams for small businesses and self employed folks. Things really suck right now, and it's okay to say that. Speak your truth! With that in mind, here are a few helpful tips with how to deal with...this current situation...

First off, I want each and every one of you to forgive yourselves. A lot of small businesses and entrepreneurs are lamenting the cosmos, turning inward and blaming themselves for not being prepared for this tragedy. Well - there's legitimately no way you could've known, and no way you could've prepared. Every day, our economy and normal is changing. So - take a deep breath. It's okay.

If you are still trying to generate income during this time, I want you to recognize that you are literally selling during a funeral. I have unsubscribed to several businesses because of their tactless selling campaigns - and I'm not the only one. All of us are currently mourning our normal lives, and if you pop in and tactlessly sell like HEY YALL EVERYONE DIED EXTRA 10% OFF MY PRODUCTS THIS WEEK you are going to look like a straight up asshole. Not only that, but you will for sure damage prospectives and current relationships with clients. Lead with "what can I do to help?"

Now is a time of building support and loyalty. You are building for the future. How you act towards people right now will plant the seeds of opportunity for when times are less lean and potentially disrupt sales. Show up, show up often. Deliver value wherever you can. This is going to build a beautiful foundation for whatever is to come next for us.

Last but not least, embrace the chaos. This seems hard, but business and history is paved with chaos and disruption. As we cannot navigate our businesses as we did three weeks ago - we are indeed living in a new time, without much notice. Now is the time for innovation. Take those webinars, grow your toolboxes. Try new things out. And most an active member of your communities. We are all in this together.

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