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Seeing Decreased Engagement? Try These!

Decreased engagement on Instagram is actually a pretty common question I get right now. Do you want to know why?

During COVID-19 and the quarantine, I find that people are spending less time online, or being more intentional with their online time and abandoning rigorous social media strategy. Their content is changing (because most of us are surely out of work!) and that's also having a significant effect on the amount of content we have, our mood and generally speaking wanting to promote a business that has no "back to business as usual" timeline.

But that doesn't mean that you should give up social media the whole time. Retail is at an all time high lately (seriously retail therapy IS a current trend) and there are a variety of ways to develop relationships with people so once this bullshit ends you can just

So, I thought I would pop on here and give a few helpful tips for how to switch things up and up engagement.

Get More Consistent

I know it can be hard to show up in the cyber space, but if you're popping on rarely, you are inevitably going to get dropped by the algorithm. I recommend showing up three times a week at the same time. This is a great starting point - it doesn't have to be every day, it doesn't have to be three days in a row. But it's going to show the platform that you're a contributing member of its cyber society and it's going to begin to raise the numbers up in your favor.

Reply & Make Comments

This might seem like a no brainer - but just in case you've been on the fence, go and comment back on every single comment that is made on your page. By responding, it begins a conversation with your audience AND it doubles the comments on posts, which is a metric that IG uses to evaluate a successful post. Additionally, making comments on others posts is the BEST way to get them to notice you.

Do a Little Recon

Last but not least in our adventure, is the recon. What I mean by this, is I want you to go through old posts and identify active members of your community and audience that you haven't heard from in awhile. Then, I want you to either slide into their DMs or engage with them in the online space. People like to be remembered, and they like to be considered especially in the face of a global pandemic. That little check in is going to go a LONG long way. Can't wait to see how these help you, feel free to email and tell me how they worked out!

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