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Try These Content Tips

Content & Content Marketing on social media are very important. How important? Like, one of the most important things that you can do for yourself important. While your imagery or product/service might be aesthetically pleasing, it's the content itself that is going to communicate to your viewers the reason why they should buy into you - and moreover purchase your work.

But as far as many creatives are concerned, content normally falls by the wayside and is ignored, dedicating more time to all sorts of ways to get content out there (advertising, events, etc.) While all of these are great, the fact of the matter is you are doing yourself a significant disservice by not spending time and energy cracking the code of content. I've comprised FOUR different tenets that need to be considered during your next stage of Now, you all might be curious - what is content? Content is anything where you are communicating to your audience. That means your captions, your blogposts, your website, social media, and also every communication you have with them. Yes. That's right. Anytime you are talking about your brand, or you are framed in relationship to your brand - you are indeed speaking from a place of content. So, it's gotta be good! Be mindful, that's a huge step. However, that's not part of the following four:

Simplify. Your audience is busy. They need to understand what you're saying and what you want from them. What language do they use? How do they speak in their posts? Please don't correlate simplicity with underestimating your audience. That's a surefire way to make sure that someone will not want to work with you ever again.

Specification. Okay, relating to the last post...who the hell are you talking to? Well - talk to THEM! Like, how you would speak. To that person. For some reason, people get this super weird idea that they need to write formally like they're writing some high school research paper. Cut it out. Stop that. It really isn't good. And you're serving no one. So think about who you are talking to....and then write to them!


The more you open up and deliver content, the more people read your work. Moreover, the more people are connecting to you, and you're able to see more about these people and their extended networks. Continue to leverage and use the power of your networks to find new opportunities to elevate and partner with your brand. Examples include: pop up events, brands that align with yours (and therefore a whole other network and potential for clients!), magazines, press, etc etc etc. So, write clearly, specifically, and with connectivity. This idea of content also relates to communication and reaching out to people. Last. But not least.

Consistency. One of the biggest issues that people have is they think they can turn the content train on and off on and off. Yes, life continues to throw us punches that might take you away from the cybersphere for a time or two or ten, but you have to clearly communicate that to your audience, as you all have a relationship. Continually show up. Find a schedule that works for you - and stick to it. If you differ or alter - make sure to communicate what's going to happen and why. Questions? Shoot me an email:

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