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Five Ways to Optimize Your Instagram Bio

Updated: Apr 14, 2020

I wanted to pop on by and tell you about a few different ways to optimize your Instagram bio. Now - why does this matter?

For one, it's really just a summary of who you are: people normally skim a profile for about 3-6 seconds on average: if they are not impressed or clear on what. itis that you're doing - then they probably won't follow through on engaging with you, liking your posts, following, or become a fan.

Opportunity: lost. So, here are some ways to really shine in the Instagram bio realm.

Tip one: Be Professional

Get a good photo for your profile photo. It needs to be clearly you - either your face and professionally your face OR a really nice form-fitting logo. Don't crop out a photo of you with your friends, don't have your logo cropped at an angle to really is worth it to go the extra mile and either use Portrait mode on your phone or get a professional shoot done with a friend/friend of friend/person you find on Instagram.

Tip two: Describe yourself

Your bio really needs to capture the who-what-when-where-why of your business. Without a clear bio, again people won't know what the heck you're doing and they are probably going to pass. In addition to being clear, you need to make sure that you're exuding your oh-so-special-you flavor. Remember, over one billion people use Instagram, and there are probably hundreds of millions of people who do something similar to what you do. Make sure to stand out.

Tip three: Optimize your name

So - you might not know this - but your name in your bio is one of the ways to increase your visibility. While it might be nice to have your name - I might recommend that you use something more specific to what you're looking to do for folks to increase your visibility. If you're a visual artist - use a few words to describe your style.

This is going to significantly increase your visibility - I assure you!

Tip four: Be clear.

I don't necessarily have one of these all of the time but there's something called a Call to Action - and it's a REAL opportunity to use your bio to drive traffic somewhere. Have a new product? Tell people what to do to get it/work with you/etc. This is such an EASY way to SIGNIFICANTLY increase your traffic to where you want it to go. So do it!

Tip five: Link offerings in bio

Kind of goes with the CTA - clearly - but you need destinations for people. Note: IG and social media platforms should ABSOLUTELY not be the end of the line for your audience: it's only a social media platform and it directs traffic to specific places. Sure, people can talk to you but if you make it easy for folks who aren't ready to have a conversation with you to support you - you should do it. Examples include: just a straight up website, a linktree, etc.

I hope this helped. If you have any questions don't hesitate to shoot me an email: hello (at) sigil marketing (dot) com.

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