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The One Thing You Need to Achieve a New Business Level

So, social media is great.

A product is great.

A service? Great too!

But none of those things really completely matter if you don't have the following:

A mission statement.

Now, stick with me here, I know what you're thinking, "what kind of business mumbo jumbo is this shit?" or "my friends don't have a mission statement and they are successful"

or "no, I just need a great product."

Have you ever tried to build a house without a foundation? Or okay, let's use something that's a little more relatable. Playing Jenga. What is one of the things that you make sure of when you're actually building the structure? That's right, making sure that the foundation, or the bottom part of the structure. When you're pulling those little blocks, you try to do it from the middle, not the bottom, not the top, to make sure the structure has balance.

A strong foundation is your mission statement. And those successful people, whether or not they actually say it, have a strong foundation in their business. SO let's talk about what this mission statement is. A mission statement (when done well):

- Says who you are - What you do

- Who you help - How you help them Now, if you're a creative you might be like what the hell does this mean. But that's the thing, everything you create, service or product, serves a specific audience, and helps them in some way. If you make artwork, then you help transform people's homes by being able to individualize their haven. Or maybe they feel nostalgia and connection to your pieces. Maybe they work in a corporate setting and can't really express themselves, but can when they curate their collection of artwork.

Does this make sense? Take me for example. My mission statement is: Empowering creatives to turn their passions into profitable careers. That's what I do. Period. Yours might be something a little more vague, like "Making horrible images that make you smile and die a little on the inside" or "My work is baroque reimagined in the contemporary landscape". These are all things that work. But basically you need to know how your business and your products are affecting others. It's going to be the foundation of your work. From there, you can develop marketing plans. You will know your audience, and why they follow you. You can create social media content based based on your marketing strategy.

You see?

So, figure out your mission statement, and the rest comes together.