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The Algorithm Can't Touch This Growth Strategy

The space was packed when she began. Fashion icon and muse Lily Gatins entered December Thieves to the fluttering of Sevdaliza's Human. Dressed head to toe in couture, she began to move, her ensemble metamorphosing with her shifting form. I looked around me, a difficult task as the space was packed to the brim with Boston socialites, fashion savvies and creatives totally transfixed by what was before them.

Three years ago, I would've never thought I could be paid for doing an event. Here I was, at an event I had assisted with, helping a brand I launched, after being flown out from my little humble Midwest town. Working with the people I wanted to work with, being compensated for my time.

All my career dreams are coming true. But how did it happen?

There is one key thing to everything, one constant. One thing that doesn't need an algorithm and doesn't force you to constantly read and learn up on the next "thing". And that thing is:


Networking is how I have been able to launch my business, and make it my means of income. It's how I get most of my business. While social media assists me with growing my reach and giving my content a place to be, it's honestly word of mouth and networking that has made anything possible for me.

So while you're stressing out about social media, digital marketing and keeping up with the trends, I want you to make sure you're spending just as much time thinking about how to grow your business and who you should be working with. Make sure to use engagement to get to know your audience and reach out to people whose work inspires you. Begin conversations with them. Support them.

Digital marketing and social media are just a tool, and I suppose so is networking. But in the list of priorities I give you my list: 1) Creating amazing work that you believe in. 2) Cultivating and planting yourself in a community(communities) where you thrive. 3) Learning about different ways to promote your work via digital marketing. . . . . 10000) Keeping up to date with what TF is going on with the algorithm every other minute.

I don't really think that the algorithm's obsession is necessarily healthy for everyone, so I wanted to hold space today to talk about the MOST important thing. Networking builds your business, your word of mouth, develops support fans who evangelize you. THOSE are the keys to success (after creating amazing work of course). So to keep it short: the priority is growing your networks. This is going to be the MOST important criteria for organic growth.

Check out my most recent course on Organic Growth Strategies if you're looking to learn more about how to network and create a community around your work.