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Digital Marketing Trends of 2020

Updated: Feb 13

Okay, so 2020 is in full swing. Actually, we are almost done with the first month of 2020. How surreal is that?

With this great big 2020 energy, comes a lot of moves in the digital marketing realm. If I was to summarize what's happening over there in one sentence, it would be:

The robots are taking over.

Artificial Intelligence, chatbots, automation, all of that is going to become the norm.

Also, multiple platforms are absolutely back (not just a focus on a specific platform).

You may have noticed, that a lot of larger scale corporations are competing with smaller businesses by making their responses more rapid, more immediate and around the dang clock. Clearly, you as a small business owner cannot protest all sleep and bodily needs in favor of replicating a machine.

But let me tell you, those machines? They are trying to replicate PEOPLE. So you're already one up on them.

Don't be a human pretending to be a machine to compete with machines pretending to be human. Be a human being a human. And the key to all of that is...

Building relationships.

Yeah, that's right.

Building relationships. Like, that's what you're supposed to be doing on social media. Engaging. Developing who you are and what makes you unique in the realm.

It's okay if you aren't available around the clock. Inevitably when people have questions in the middle of the night, message them at a reasonable hour and explain WHY you didn't respond until then. "Oh hi! Thanks for your patience, I was asleep/on vacation/away when you messaged me." Humanizing yourself with every step is going to be key.

Also, please stop not commenting on peoples stuff. Err. Double negative. Talk to your audience without an ulterior motive. Just...be human.

So, machines are taking over.

But humanity will prevail.

Keep thinking about that.