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While we mostly work with singular creatives, we're always honored to work with small businesses. 

"Since doing a consult with Steph, things have been going really well for my social media. It felt like the people who have been following me really wanted what I posted. I got a lot of positive feedback via comments, some DMs, and in person, but most importantly, I feel more confident after just a week of consistency. Thank you <3."

"I can guarantee that there's NO ONE that has done as much painstaking research and implementation on the importance of effective marketing for artists in our social media climate. She knows what she's talking about." 

"I've been really enjoying your content on IG. I am a BIG time introvert, and have always struggled with not being super social and with putting myself out there. But your content has given me a lot of ideas for how to approach the "social" in this social media thing to share my small art business."

"Steph is helping me stay accountable. Thank you so much for lighting a fire under my butt!"

"Steph gave me advice for how to tackle the slower seasons for my business. I shared the advice with some of my coworkers and we created an event based on her advice. It was successful and has helped inspire us all!"

"Steph is the lady you need if you're an artist that needs marketing and branding to reach the audience that fits your aesthetic." 

"Steph helped me cultivate a new series of work in our consult. Within two weeks, I had generated over $2000 from that series. Thank you so much!" 

"Thanks for your help! We applied what you said in our consulting session in one post and our audience grew by 59%!"

"I used your advice to repost one of my older paintings I had been sitting on for years....it sold within minutes!" 

"If you want to work with an amazing person to help you grow your business, look no further! Check out Steph online and set something up!"

While we mostly work with singular creatives, we're always honored to work with small businesses.