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Finding Clients on Social Media: 
A Live Free Workshop on How to Define Your Target Audience


Monday, 12/1 @ 7 PM 

Hosted by Spiritus Tattoo 


One of my basic goals with Sigil Marketing is to help creatives with their businesses. I always envisioned this being not just done in the digital realm, but also through in person conversations and live seminars. I wanted these events to be accessible, regardless of which medium you preferred. 

 December 1st begins  live events for Sigil!

I am so honored to be hosted by the amazing Spiritus Tattoo for an hour conversation about Finding Clients on Social Media: a Workshop on Defining Your Target Audience on December 1st from 7-8 PM. I'll be hosting a brief Q&A afterwards. 

This conversation is inspired by all the people I know who have been frustrated that their audience has grown, but their revenue has not. I'll be teaching some of the techniques you can use to attract the people who will be not only followers, but folks who will support your services. 

Admission is free, all that I ask is that you support @spiritus_tattoo with a follow and if you find this conversation helpful, feel free to repost me in your story or suggest that your creative friends follow me. This is so helpful to continuing to grow my brand and help more people pursuing their creative dreams. 

I am requesting that people RSVP via Facebook, or email me to let me know.  I'll be printing out workbooks for people to fill out while they are listening! I would love to do more of these - regardless of the city. If this excites you let me know and let's talk!